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As a social marketing and communications organization, PMC’s proficiencies are evidence-based, strategically designed and implemented, and evaluated to achieve the desired metrics.


Market research is a key component in the success of our work, and the foundation of all of our strategic and communications planning. To reach target audiences effectively and efficiently, we regularly conduct literature reviews, secondary data and all sources intelligence analysis, focus groups, and in-depth interviews and surveys. Our market research either supports a larger project or stands alone as a separate project focusing on collecting data or testing communication strategies.


We have earned a reputation for producing excellent creative materials for all media. Our work meets the highest production standards so that we can successfully compete for time and space in national media and for the attention of a public overwhelmed with words and images. When preparing to develop and produce creative communication materials our account team consults with clients and reviews all relevant research. To establish direction for further action, we synthesize all of this information and develop the following: (1) concise definition of the target audience, (2) the target audience’s frame of reference, (3) the benefits of the program for the target audience, (4) the messages that will be most effective for the target audience, (5) the reasons why those messages will be effective.


We have significant experience developing and implementing comprehensive public relations programs to support public education and information campaigns. Our public relations work is based on the simple idea that effective media relations involves packaging a story into news hat  reporters, editors, and producers can cover. Our public relations personnel team uses a number of tools to successfully implement a media relations effort. Social and digital media tools and techniques are tailored to reach out to end users, trade media, broadcast media appearances, conference platforms, media updates, press conferences, and special events, and video and audio news releases.


We have extensive experience working with, and in, the ENABLED COMMUNITY. Our approach is based on successful living, working and teaching within the ENABLED Community for more than five (5) decades. Our institutional experience with the ENABLED COMMUNITY includes extensive work within the business, education, military, family and the youth sectors. We have a “proprietary” approach and product for engagement and understanding with this audience.


Our experience with community engagement is deep, rich and effective. Our approach is based on having trusting relationships with the communities we are engaging. We have relationships with influencers in communities in which we work who are essential to gaining access to achieve positive community outcomes.  We have relationships with the faith-based community, community based organizations, state, local and county governments, school systems, women-based organizations, and with diverse employee unions that are the pillars of communities of color and are essential in fostering change.  


We have been intimately involved in the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) movement that has been a part of the American business landscape since the 1970’s. As companies that are participating and have been engaged in the MBE movement, and as board and committee members of national minority associations, we know the insights that are essential requirements to attract the quantity and quality of firms necessary to suffice and exceed minority subcontracting planning and goals.


Our experience in developing partnerships and establishing volunteerism initiatives is commensurate with our mission “to provide communications solutions that help build businesses, change lives and improve communities”.  We have established public/private partnerships, social venture partnerships, international partnerships, media partnerships and many others. Our efforts in volunteerism programs have led to participation by the White House engaging with multiple Fortune 500 companies and thousands of their employees dedicating days to volunteerism. These initiatives have become the heart and center of volunteer efforts for multiple firms in all business and government sectors.